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Fave n' runs accepted
United States
Because I can't figure out if the Widget for this kind of thing is working right I am a dummy!

This is mostly going to be copypasta from the other journal because laziness.


NOTE: Unless you submit a base for me to use (including my own), all customs will be original and in my stlye (READ: things I can't draw will be really cartoony).


For 15 points, I will design an OC for you. ONE OC EQUALS 15 POINTS, meaning that for every character you want me to draw, they will cost 15 points, even if they are on the same sheet. I MAY make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Color scheme:
Other details/ preferences (personality, how old they are, etc. OPTIONAL):
I also hold the right to tweek color schemes to make them seem more original and eye catching, as well as fit the personality better (this goes for all commissions)
    For drawings of an already existing OC, it is also fifteen points. A picture or very descriptive written profile must be given. Same rules as above concerning number of characters.

If you want me to redesign one of your OCs' then it is the same as a custom, except with a picture of their already existing design and a description of their personality (or what you're changing their personality too). You use the fill- out sheet as the one for OC customs as well, with the added information.


   ONE: For 25 points, I will design a custom species for you (picture only, only a few examples of varying coat colors/ patters/ other such things, some explinations) along with a short description on how naming works and a simple social structure in the Artists' Comments.
   TWO: For 35 points, the description will have more information on the social structure, and descriptions for ranks, as well as short descriptions for powers, and what they consider to be "good" and "evil"/ "bad".
   THREE: For 45 points, you will get the picture, and a separate (literature) Deviation explaining the social structure, ranks, naming, powers, culture, and some (very basic) myths and legends.


(Compatible with any of the above, can chooses more than one.)
    ONE: For 10 points, You can get a picture (or two, depending) with all the eye colors/ coat colors/ patterns/ body structures (horns, kinds of tails or ears, etc) and how rare each is, as well as explaining if some only appear in a certain gender.
  TWO: For 10 points, you can get a basic sheet for the different expressions/ body language.
   THREE: For 15 points, you can get a sheet showing how different ranks look when compared to one another (if applicable) and what the different general growth stages look like.

Species name:
Where does the species live (be descriptive; if the live in caves, is there bioluminescent fungus? If they live in a savannah, are they African- type savannahs, or North- American type savannahs? How cold does it get, how hot? How readily can water/ food be found? Etc):
What MUST the species have:
What the species MUST NOT have:
Are females different than males?:
Other information:
What rank of reference (One, Two, or Three):
Add-ons (One, Two, and/ or Three. Optional):
NOTE: Filling parts of this (… ) out may be helpful for coming up with the must/ must not have parts, and other information.

FOR My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic CUSTOMS:

(follows same rules as regular OC customs, including re- designs)
Species (of pony, I won't do customs of someone elses' species, unless YOU are the one that owns the species):
Color scheme:
Other details/ preferences (personality, how old they are, etc. OPTIONAL):
Do you want me to design a cutie mark for it?

CUSTOM PONY SPECIES: (must be a pony- like species, or it falls under a regular species custom)
Species name:
Where does the species live (be descriptive):
What MUST the species have:
What the species MUST NOT have:
Are females different than males?:
Other information:
What sort of powers might they have?:
    These will only get a basic reference sheet with a short description in the Artists' Comments; however, Add-ons ONE and THREE are compatible with this.


Requesting one is free, but each of the adopts in it will cost 15 points, depending on how complex the markings are and such. Each sheet will have four adopts, though more may be requested (though the price per adopt will go up one point per each additional adopt). The requester will have the first pick, but will not get any free. They must use bases, and said bases must be free and permission must be asked for first (unless the description says that you don't have to ask).

Number of adopts:
Species (can be more than one):
Color Scheme(s) (OPTIONAL):
Base (can be one of mine):


For 10 points, you can get a lineart like this:Wolf Base READ RULES by Rabbidsquierrelor MLP Foals Base by Rabbidsquierrel

For 20 points you can get a lineart like this: Free Dragon Base READ RULES by Rabbidsquierrel

For 30 points you can get a lineart like this: Foal Pony Base by Rabbidsquierrel

Lineart sheets like this: Wolf Breedables/Adoption Sheet Base by Rabbidsquierrel are only 10 points because It's just copypasting.


For Breedables between/ with my designs.

The only characters of mine you can breed with are the ones that are currently open, read the rules on those and fill them out (Open breedables are in a folder in my gallery).

For breedings between two of my own designs, the only ones that you can do this with are the ones on the breeding sheets (look like this:Wolf Breedables Sheet A by Rabbidsquierrel) Each breeding sheet folder will have the rules as a separate deviation with the rules. Read those, and fill out the form. (So far, I only have wolf breedables, heres the rule sheet for that:

Wolf Breedable RulesWolf Breedable Rules:
Each Breedable Sheet has a letter attached to it (I.E Wolf Breedables Sheet A, Wolf Breedables Sheet B, etc.) And each wolf in the breedable sheets has a number assigned to it in the description. When requesting a breedable ( in the comments section of this deviation), comment which two wolves you want to breed together. You can also use your own wolves and one of my wolves, but you must include a link to a REF SHEET. All pups from a breeding will be ten points, and the requestor has has first pick. All breedable sheets will have four pups, unless otherwise specified by the requestor. I will also be using my own base unless otherwise specified.
Request Form:
Between which two wolves (you may use one of your own, include a link to a ref sheet):
How many pups (leave blank for standard amount):
Specifics (what the pup MUST/MUST NOT have) OPTIONAL:
Between which two wolves (you may use one of your own, include a link to a ref sheet): Wolf 1-

For breedings between two characters that AREN'T mine, you must have permission from the person who owns the other character (unless you own both of them) Here is the form:

Character one: (post a link to a reference sheet)
Character two: (post a link to a reference sheet)
Number of offspring:
Base/ Lineart you want me to use (can be one of my own):

The offspring will be 10 points each, the owner(s) gets the first pick of them to adopt.

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